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Leah was born & raised in Los Angeles. AFTER college in Boston she pursued a career in the arts working under the guidance of Norman Seeff, a highly acclaimed photographer and filmmaker. As the head of production and digital content in Seeff’s studio, she honed her skills in fine art printing, graphic design, AND EXHIBITION PRODUCTION

For the last eight years she has collaborated with photographers and artists to design and produce exhibitions in galleries and museums worldwide.

Leah freelances within the digital-arts sphere, providing high-quality print production and installation design & implementation, archivist services, film digitization, photo editing and curating.

Her skill set in identifying and editing compelling imagery has led to curating and creating visual narratives in a variety of settings. Since 2015 she has put these skills to use by assembling teams (of photographic/videographic talent) and directing real-time content development at festivals and events.